New Board of GAC Directors (2015-2017)

Dear Members,  Directors and Staff,

Congratulations to newly elected Directors and re-elected Directors.

The newly elected Board for the remainder of 2015-2017 is:

NamePositionLanguage Group
Steven W. Dhu Chairperson Banyjima
Stuart Ingie Snr. Deputy Chairperson Innawonga
Darren Injie Secretary Innawonga
May Byrne Director Banyjima
Karen Tommy Director Banyjima
Andrew Dhu Director Banyjima
Lisa Coffin Director Nyiyparli
Christina Stone Director Nyiyparli
Brian Tucker Director Nyiyparli
Ailsa Roy Director Nyiyparli
Aaron Martin Director Innawonga
Julie Walker Director Innawonga

Thanks to our Directors for your willingness to transform the organisation from what has been a very difficult but brave year for our corporation.  

We appreciate your willingness to commit to Gumala in finding new ways of delivering economic,  social,  cultural and on-country benefits that are sustainable and accountable, effective and efficient.

We also take this opportunity to thank outgoing Directors Ken Ingie Snr., Cecil Parker, Beverley Hubert and Jahna Cedar.

None of this of course was achievable without our members. Some 350 or so members and  family attended the 2015 AGM in South Hedland. Your attendance, support and voice is critical to Gumala's future way forward.