Community Services and Assistance

Gumala Aboriginal Corporation operates a wide range of community services and assistance projects for our Homeland Pilbara communities, including:

Community Maintenance

This project supports community maintenance activities at Gumala’s homeland communities Typical support includes servicing and maintenance of community vehicles and machinery and maintenance work around each community. Community clean-ups (busy bees) and firebreak works are also occasionally organised at some of our communities. 

Community Assistance

Gumala's community assistance project aims to support Gumala's remote Pilbara communities. Examples of work include providing supplies for community machinery and generators for power provision. Support is also provided for supplies that require immediate assistance from Gumala, such as provision of bottled water where community water supplies fail. 

Gumala Radio

Gumala Radio is one of the leading FM community radio stations in the Pilbara. Gumala Radio broadcasts out of Gumala Aboriginal Corporation's head office in Tom Price. >> read more 

Gumala Bus Service

The Gumala bus continues to provide a vital service for our communities, with regular services operating between Tom Price, Wakuthuni, Bellary and Paraburdoo. The bus is also available to take Gumala’s Members and their families to Youngaleena, Port Hedland as well as to funerals and sporting events. The Gumala Bus Timetable is available on our Members Notices page. 

community support

Gumala provides community support for each of our remote communities: Wakuthuni, Bellary Springs, Youngaleena,Wirrillimarra and Peedamulla. This includes regular community visits, consultations with Elders and other community residents, assessments to ascertain works that are required, and the implementation of those works.

Community Rubbish Skip Project

Large skip bins are provided at four Gumala homeland communities for household waste in the absence of Shire-provided rubbish collections. The skip bins are emptied weekly under contract by Gumala Enterprises Pty Ltd (GEPL).

Car bodies Project

The car bodies project is an initiative between Gumala Aboriginal Corporation and Rio Tinto. This program allows Rio Tinto to gather and remove old car bodies from GAC communities for use in their fire and safety programs in return for future in-kind assistance.